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Ellen Browing Scripps Elementary School

Ellen Browning Scripps Elementary School (EBS), located off of Scripps Poway Parkway, is part of the San Diego Unified School District. Proposition S funded an HVAC retrofit utilizing the latest and greatest of technology from Mitsubishi. 
The Mitsubishi system is ideal for EBS as it allows each teacher or room to have personalized settings for zone comfort and have energy savings in the process. The system uses inverter driven compressor technology (with variable frequency drives) to provided highly responsive heating and cooling performance. By responding to indoor and outdoor temperature fluctuations, the system varies power consumption by adjusting the compressor speed to optimize energy usage. The variable-capacity indoor units are controlled by electronic expansion valves. This feature allows operation only at the levels required to maintain a consistently comfortable indoor environment without wasting energy.
The inverter-driven compressor technology and exclusive BC controller make simultaneous cooling and heating possible. As indoor and outdoor temperatures fluctuate, the system automatically adjust the compressor speed to react immediately and deliver the exact amount of refrigerant, no more, no less, thereby maintaining a comfortable interior environment while saving energy.
Two package units were provided by Aaon, using Copeland’s Digital Scroll technology, to serve the Multipurpose Room. Combined with Thermal Displacement Devices from Titus, this system has maximized its efficiency while providing comfort to all.
We had the privilege of working with the Prop S team at San Diego Unified, as well as Turpin and Rattan (Mechanical Engineer) and AECOM (Project Engineer), to deliver what is being called the most advance and energy efficient system in SDUSD. 
San Diego Unified School District received a SANDEE Award for Special Achievement in Energy Education.  (See the video below).

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