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Fry's Burbank

When our longtime friends at Fry’s Electronics approached us about replacing antiquated multiple Chiller/Boiler/Rooftop Air Handler systems on one of their busiest stores, they already had preliminary design and install cost from a big name competitor. However, they had no ideas for maintaining a reasonable level of comfort in the store during the lengthy retrofit process.

Bay Air found a way with four 75 ton (avg) rooftop packaged gas/electric units, without significantly interrupting climate control, and at almost half the cost of their original estimates! Even though our work included replacement of three additional 20 ton ground level units and their retrofit to high quality, reliable, energy efficient packaged units manufactured by Trane; we still managed to keep costs down while providing excellent service to our customer. Bay Air also connected all new and existing systems to a Trane “Summit” Building Automation System (BAS) for increased energy fitness.

The key to performing the impossible was an innovative approach and placement of four large units to minimize structural enhancements and allow the roof curbs to be built “around” existing rooftop Air Handlers and external ductwork. This method allowed us to continue to operate most of this existing equipment throughout the preparation stage. Then, in one night we; a) cut loose and removed the existing Air Handlers, their ductwork, Chilled and Hot Water piping, etc; b) craned enough of the old off, and new packed units onto their now exposed curbs, and; c) connected the new units to have conditioned air in time for store opening the next day.

At Bay Air, the difficult is never a problem, though the impossible may take a little longer. We build confidence for our customers through quickness, quality, and (quite the) competitiveness….maybe that’s why Fry’s has used us for all new and retrofit store construction in California since 2002.

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