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Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College

This year, 2012, Grossmont College has celebrated its 50th anniversary, along with that; the campus is also marking a new beginning with the new additions: the Student and Administrative Services Building, and the Griffin Center. The student services and Administrative Services Building was expanded by 16,000 square feet to create a whole 37,000 square-foot center for students to come to inquire about things such as admissions, records, assessments, financial aid, and much more.

Just around the corner is the Griffin Center, the use of the Griffin is to pay homage to the college’s mascot. The Center underwent renovations in about 27,000 square feet of the existing building, and then an additional expansion of 20,000 square feet was added to it, making it a whole 46,734 square foot building. The Griffin Center is a multi-purpose building; it contains a dining area, places to lounge and study, various services for disabled students and for low-income students.

Bay Air Systems was able to contribute to this project by bringing its expertise on the HVAC industry. We were able to successfully finish this $3 million + job at 15% below the bids of our competitors. This was made possible with the latest 3D modeling which helped Bay Air eliminate conflicts with other trades that would otherwise result in costly change orders. Then the latest GPS technologies that aided in locating ducts, pipes, equipment, attachments, etc. with pinpoint accuracy, which greatly reduced labor costs. Then the “spooling” technologies helped model and fabricate large sections of duct and pipe in offsite shops (with lower labor costs), this greatly improved the final product and reduced labor costs. Finally, this job would not have been possible without the combined efforts of Jeff Greco (Project Manager) and John Morgan (RMO), then David King and Ben Morgan (Journeymen).

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