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Clairemont High School Academy of Business

Clairemont High School (CHS) is a public school that opened in 1958 at the center of the Clairemont community in San Diego.  This school is a part of the area’s history and by now many generations have passed through its halls. It is notable for many reasons; they host one of the county’s largest special education programs, they have “the largest presidential memorabilia museum west of the Mississippi” (https://www.sandiegounified.org/schools/clairemont/welcome-clairemont-high-school), numerous athletic programs, and classes that can provide college credit for the students, to name a few. This high school is forward thinking and encourages students to strive for higher education and success. “The award-winning and nationally acclaimed Academy of Business has been preparing students for a career in the competitive business world since it opened its doors in 2004.” (https://www.sandiegounified.org/schools/clairemont/business)

This “Academy of Business” is what brought Bay Air to Clairemont High School, because the campus needed a new building specifically for the AOB students. This new addition is a 9,891 square foot building; its function is to help students become more exposed to a real-world business experience and prepare them for future occupations.

This was our first project working with Construct 1 Corp (General Contractors) and it was a seamless collaboration between our two companies. Bay Air was led by Project Managers Jim Taylor and Jeff Greco, and Foreman Edgar Almeda; they kept on task and on schedule.

When we started the job at the end of August 2014 this project was intended to be “heating only” HVAC System, but when we were nearly done with the project in the beginning of 2015 a change was made where they now needed heating AND cooling for the entire building. Carrier Split Systems were called out and used on this project. We were able to meet this need quickly and efficiently, and the job was complete by August 2015. Now, these split systems provide cooling and heating throughout the entire 8-room facility. Due to the multi-media requirements of this building, we needed to guarantee that the server room was properly air-conditioned in order to keep it cool to avoid an over-heating of the server.

We were able to make our exposed ductwork system look professional with the help of MEPCor who did our spooling (duct take off and pieces connected together at the factory and shipped to the site already assembled) and 3D modeling.

Bay Air Systems is glad to provide services for the San Diego Unified School District. This is one of our 6 completed and ongoing projects that we have done with SDUSD since 2012. We strive to bid more of these jobs and continue helping our students and teachers by supplying them a more comfortable learning environment. 

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